For strong pasture production every farmer knows phosphate is essential. Most turn to standard superphosphates, but Dicalcic or Dicalcium phosphate offers more than just P… 

  • Dicalcic is made by reacting superphosphate with an alkaline or liming agent.
  • It changes the monocalcium phosphate in superphosphate into dicalcium phosphate.
  • Much of the calcium in this new Dicalcic product is in the form of dicalcium phosphate as well as calcium carbonate, both of which are capable of reducing the soil’s acidity to enhance growing conditions.
  • In standard superphosphate, calcium comes in the form of calcium sulphate and monocalcium phosphate, neither of which have a direct effect on the soil acidity or alkalinity. 

Dicalcic stimulates growth with P, with the added bonus of creating the optimum soil condition through its blend with lime.