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Granulated Dicalcic Phosphates

TerraCare granulated phosphates 

TerraCare granulates all of its products for improved chemical reaction and a better spreadable quality end product.

In the production process a chemical reaction changes the Mono Calcium Phosphate Ca(H2PO4)2 into Di Calcium Phosphate CaHPO4: a product with completely different characteristics. MCP is highly water soluble and has a low pH when dissolved. DCP has a low water solubility and a higher pH of up to 6.5.

After production, DCP is post cured to finalise the chemical reaction.   

Quality control sampleMoisture content oven

All products are Fertmark Registered and Controlled

All products produced by TerraCare are registered with Fertmark: an independent organisation which checks the quality and content of fertilisers. 
Our quality control process makes us check every production batch  

TerraCare Slow Release phosphate products have been scientifically designed and tested. All products are rich in nutrients and have a higher pH to support Healthy grass growth and soil life


N P K S Ca


  9   8.3 24

rePlenish MS

  8.6   12 23

rePlenish S

  8.4   14.4 22.30

Product MSDS:

    rePlenish    rePlenish MS     rePlenish s


N P K S Ca


  6.5    5.6 28.8 

uPgrade S

    11.9  26.8 

 Product MSDS:

  uPgrade    uPgrade S


N P K S Ca Mg


  14    16   


N P K S Ca Mg


  6.0   5.3 22.0 7.0



N P K S Ca



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