Healthy top soil is your biggest asset, so it’s worth investing in. Our fertilisers are developed by some of New Zealand’s smartest soil scientists. Healthy plants grow healthy livestock.

There’s so much going on beneath your pasture that you can’t see. Microorganisms working away in the soil, plants reaching out roots to take up vital minerals. TerraCare formulas care for your soils, pastures, plants, animals and the environment. Healthy soils, for healthy farms.

TerraCare keeps you in the loop. We understand different regional elements, microorganisms and natural growth patterns in pastures. We advise you on matching nutrients with seasonal stages to optimise lasting pasture growth and the best timings for your farm’s application: farm specific nutrient programme.

Hassle-free, top-quality pasture. TerraCare’s granulation means improved spreadability. Its low water solubility, with high plant-available nutrients means that you are less dependent on the weather to spread. The slow release does the rest.

Getting the numbers right for New Zealand soils. TerraCare is manufactured especially for New Zealand farm soils and to meet New Zealand climatic conditions. This ensures lower losses and higher efficiency resulting in higher pasture production.

TerraCare products have low water solubility combined with high plant available nutrients through high citric solubility. Nutrients are released by plants growing, improving the efficiency and reducing the losses to the environment.

Soil biology influences many of the processes that create soil structure, store nutrients, and make them available to the plants. Scientifically proven to support soil biology to best care for your pastures.

TerraCare, the pioneers in granulated stabilised dicalcic phosphate fertiliser

Slow release, more growth, less waste. We have been making it for years. Ask us about how you can mitigate your farm nutrient losses.


We take a scientific approach to our products and the impact they have on the soil life and plant production. In our farm advice we use a range of comprehensive tools and methodologies. We use soil and herbage tests as well as Graham Shepherd’stm Visual Soil Assessments (VSA) in combination with your farm KPIs to formulate recommendations and nutrient plans.

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