We’ve been helping farmers make sound nutrient decisions for their farms for over 20 years now. Supplying nutrients and fertilisers is just a small part of our job – the bigger picture is sharing our experience and soil knowledge to help you make informed decisions on caring for your soil and getting the most value from your farming operation.

Whether you’re working with dairy, sheep or beef, deer, goats or crops, soil quality is the underlying factor in boosting your production.

Healthy plants grow healthy livestock. And for your farm to prosper, keeping your topsoil in good condition is vital.

Healthier farms with the TerraCare Way

If you’ve got specific goals (KPIs) or just want to reassess the value of the impact the fertilisers have on your production and the environment, it’d be worth talking to our experienced team.

  • We take a science-based approach to our fertiliser plans using conventional methods such as soil and herbage tests and do Visual Soil Assessments as basis for your farm specific recommendations,
  • We care about your bottom line and your environment – scientifically proven to grow more grass and waste less.


All the nutrients and trace elements used in our fertilisers are sourced from a variety of different suppliers. We do this to ensure we’re getting the best quality and value available.

Farmer Testimonials

Farmer testimonials of the benefits of working with TerraCare and slow release dicalcic products