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We care about your farm production. We care about environmental prosperity. We are TerraCare and have over 20 years' experience customising fertiliser plans for farmers. At TerraCare, we work with farmers who are constantly seeking improvements. We take a scientific approach to our products and the impact they have on the soil life and plant production. In our farm advice we use a range of comprehensive tools and methodologies such as soil and herbage tests as well as Visual Soil Assessments (VSA) in combination with your farm KPIs to formulate recommendations and nutrient plans.

We make farm specific recommendations for your exact needs. 

Triticale trial Manawatu

rePlenish on the right vs Super on the left

Triticale trial: Super vs rePlenish

Super vs rePlenish: root growth

Triticale trial in the Manawatu

Two production fields, side by side, where traditional Super was replaced straight for rePlenish and all treatments remained.

The slow release rePlenish showed faster early plant development and root growth 

Root development demonstration rePlenish vs Super

Barley sown on January 23. Left was fertilized with rePlenish and the right with Superphosphate. There was no further treatment till the photo was taken on March 8.

Deeper roots: better tolerance to drought, more access to nutrients, robust plants for healthier regrowth. It is amazing what you can do with proper fertilisers. 

Slow Release Dicalcic fertiliser. Slower release for faster growth.

The phosphate in Slow Release Dicalcic granulated fertiliser is less water-soluble than traditional Superphosphate. This means it doesn’t break down as fast in the wet. The slower release means it supports optimum grass growth over longer periods after application than Superphosphate. The less acidic nature of the fertilisers support healthier soil life: supporting healthier grass growth and healthier farm animals

Talk to us about how Slow Release Dicalcic fertiliser can get your system working more efficiently.

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