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We care about your farm production. We care about environmental prosperity. We are TerraCare and have over 20 years' experience customising fertiliser plans for farmers. At TerraCare, we work with farmers who are constantly seeking improvements. We take a scientific approach to our products and the impact they have on the soil life and plant production. In our farm advice we use a range of comprehensive tools and methodologies such as soil and herbage tests as well as the by Graham Shepherd developed Visual Soil Assessments (VSA) in combination with your farm KPIs to formulate recommendations and nutrient plans.

We make farm specific recommendations for your exact needs. 

Optimize your application, not maximize

A simple test to show the difference in root development. Sown 23/01/2018, photo taken 06/03/2018. rePlenish on the left vs Superphosphate on the right.
Farmers notice the difference themselves: pastures dry out later in the season, giving that extra growth in important times for extra milk production or for fattening lambs and calves.

Trials form the basis of the development of the TerraCare products

OverseerFM product list


It is with great pleasure that we can inform you TerraCare’s products have been added to the list of products on the OverseerFM platform. TerraCare is 1 of just 5 companies with its products listed on the platform.  The FM stands for Farm Modeling and it helps further understand the efficiency of the applied nutrients and their effects on pasture growth.

Overseer’s support tool has been developed to support farms in becoming environmentally and economically sustainable. OverseerFM is the latest model to help farmers understand leaching, soil fertility levels and greenhouse gas emissions.

The models are being constantly updated as new data becomes available and TerraCare’s products will also be included in the upcoming Overseer nutrient budget program by the middle of 2019.

The inclusion of TerraCare products, is another step toward the recognition of SCIENCE based approach to our business. Our products have been carefully composed as a result of field trials as well as years of experience out in the field. It shows that the foundation of these products is solid and well respected which is a great aid moving forward to the next phase of product development.



One of the winning photos by Chelsea New from Benneydale


TerraCare Christmas times

The company will be closing for the holidays from December 24 and reopen on January 7, 2019.

Please make sure that you liaise with your consultant so that you have your fertiliser well in time before the break.

Slow Release Dicalcic fertiliser. Slower release for faster growth.

The phosphate in Slow Release Dicalcic granulated fertiliser is less water-soluble than traditional Superphosphate. This means it doesn’t break down as fast in the wet. The slower release means it supports optimum grass growth over longer periods after application than Superphosphate. The less acidic nature of the fertilisers support healthier soil life: supporting healthier grass growth and healthier farm animals

Talk to us about how Slow Release Dicalcic fertiliser can get your system working more efficiently.

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