If soil is too low or high in pH, certain nutrients needed for plant growth are less available for plants to uptake, compared to when soil pH is ideal. This means the plant misses out on essential nutrients and your yield suffers.  

  • Many NZ soils were naturally acidic and produced low yields if no lime was used to improve soil condition.
  • Superphosphate aggravates the problem as it stimulates plant growth, which increases the rate of soil acidification, without providing any means of correcting this increase in soil acidity.
  • Dicalcic has a higher pH level, helping to reduce acidification of the soil which increases soil pH towards the optimum level for growth.
  • If soil pH is too low, it’s much harder for plants to make efficient use of the nutrients already in the soil. Some essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus can even become fixed and unavailable to plants. Because of its higher pH, Dicalcic reduces the effect of soil acid and encourages the release of nutrients already in the soil. This provides optimum soil conditions for effective pasture growth – which leads to less money spent on fertiliser.

TerraCare Dicalcic truly optimises soil condition so you can see greater production with far less input – it’s all about making your system more efficient.