Developed by soil scientists for New Zealand soils.

  • Healthy top soil is your biggest asset, so it’s worth investing in.
  • Let’s keep it in top condition.

Healthy plants grow healthy livestock. And for your farm to prosper, keeping your topsoil in good condition is vital.

TerraCare fertilisers put back the essential nutrients that grass, plants and produce take from the soil. If soil fertility becomes too depleted, the soil cannot support the variety of microorganisms that depend on it, and the plants weaken.

We call our approach the TerraCare Way. With a basis in soil biology and backed up by scientific research, the TerraCare Way helps you care for your soil to grow thriving pasture and minimise its environmental impact.

Every TerraCare recommendation is based on your farm management plan and a recent soil analysis. Your TerraCare consultant will provide you with a programme based on the information you provide.

The greatest resource is not high producing cows or high protein supplements, but healthy soils."

Doug and Penny Storey, Woodstock Farms, Te Awamutu